Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I used to hate sushi: the consistency, the flavor, the way it looked as well.
For years I raged against it when my friends were going through sushi eating mania. I'd order tempura instead.

Then, somewhere along the way I decided to like it. My friend Shan can remember me making a concerted effort to like it: after all, it was healthy and I loved all the separate ingredients.

Shan didn't believe I'd like it. And while I wasn't forcing myself, I certainly kept trying to open myself to it slowly but surely.

Eventually I fell in love and I've been avocado roll crazed ever since. So much so that I learned how to make it about two or three years ago.

I've tried various fillings but my favorite remains avocado (I'm obviously still picky) and I love dipping them in roasted sesame seeds. Ohh man.

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