Friday, October 30, 2009

Ich kaufe gern!

My poor bank account. It hates me right now.

We had a fight because both Abeer and I really desired Candle Cafe again and my bank account was all like "what? were just there. Come on now, what have we been working for together? Don't let love blind you. I miss you like the desserts miss the rain. You're suffering a total eclipse of the heart..."

With the stress of midterms continously draining me I just had to indulge.

I got the porcini crusted seitan which is basically seitan cutlets on top of delicious mashed potatoes on top of fresh local string beans on top of broccolini with gravy all over. Say what?

Ohhh yeah. It was so good.
Abeer had the Cajun Seitan Sub which I think included aioli. All I know was that it was delicious.
We finished the meal with mystery cheesecake. The waitress was unsure of the flavor. It wasn't up to Candle Cafe standards for my tastes but it definitely was still worth finishing.

I hope my bank account can forgive and forget.


  1. i really adore the comedic tone. tanim and i have been there twice in the span of two-three weeks. expensive, but so yummmmmy.

  2. i want to go there right now. sigh.