Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ich möchte Candle Cafe.

Roosevelt Island to the right, Manhattan to the left, to the left.

My boo and I took a stroll over the 59th street bridge and walked over to Candle Cafe.

First we saw the actress who played Hermoine Granger while walking on 2nd ave. She was sitting at an outside cafe enjoying the day as much as we were. Then we settled in at Candle Cafe and ordered seitan chimichurri kabobs, otherwise known as glowing salvation:

He had the Parmigiana sandwich.

I had the cashew alfredo fettucini and we finished with the pumpkin bundt cake.

Everything was so good, I can't over exaggerate that.
I'd like to cook this way. I was considering buying the Candle Cafe cookbook but I read bad reviews for it online.

I understand why they'd want to keep the magic unobtainable.


  1. Those kabobs look to die for. What's all the green stuff on them?

  2. Ha ha - just googled chimichurri so that answers my question!